REBRANDING RESILIENCE Contributor:  Zelna Lauwrens World-Class Kids Life Coach, Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy Founder It happens everyday inside and outside the classroom, where children label themselves as: not fitting in, feeling a failure, being stupid, being different, worthless. These children didn’t get to this thought space on their own. Somebody […]

Walk of Shame – The Emotional & Psychological Effects of Bullying

WALK OF SHAME- THE EMOTIONAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL SIDE EFFECTS OF BULLYING Contributor:  Natalie Soal, Growing Forward Coaching Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, Diploma Child Day Care, Counsellor Paraklesis Ministries “Bullying is when you tease a person, call them names, hate them and leave them out of your games. Bullies also take your lunch or your lunch […]