How to make each other shine!

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Paula Brañez
All U Need is U Kids Life Studio®
Lavon, Texas, USA


It is all about modeling kindness and giving our kids individual time as a family.

When you have more than one child, it is hard to find the time for each child and going on a “date” with each, is a hard mission and sometimes expensive too.
Having 2 kids, and knowing how sometimes we get lost in the routine, and our day-to-day lives become hectic because we are always tired and have a million things to do, spending quality time with our family becomes a challenge. We eat dinner together, watch TV together, are in the car together…but do we really have quality time together?
I realized that I can add quality time into my daily routine! And eating together as family with a little twist was the answer to the question many parents with multiple kids have!

Each child picks a day of the week and on their day, they get to choose their favorite home-made food for dinner. While everyone is sitting together as a family sharing the meal, the child chooses who he/she wants to start affirming what they like about him/her, or why are they grateful for having him/her in their lives. After everyone has shared something positive about the child, then he/she shares what THEY like about themselves.

It becomes such a fulfilling activity to see siblings expressing their feelings and being kind to each other. It’s possible to make each other shine with kind words. Each child waits anxiously for their day and sometimes we include us as parents. Because who doesn’t want to hear how awesome they are, right?

This activity could have many variations, like having the rest of the family sharing facts that they know about the other person; name favorite food, color, day of the week, fruits…things which allow you to get to know each other better.
Another week, on the child’s day he/ she can cook for the family.
Another week each member can play the game: ie “If you knew me you would know…” and they complete the sentence with facts about themselves. This encourages sharing and improves communication within the family.
Another week, on each child’s day all the family members can talk about what made them happy that day or what they are grateful for.

The topics are endless but the heart of it is to improve communication, to listen to each other and understand the value of each family member and to show each other how important each one of us is.

Please share more ideas so we can learn from each other and have more happy families with happier kids.


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