Inner Global Positioning System

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Written by Rekha Chadalavada

Independent Coach – India

What is Inner Global Positioning System? How does it work?

rekha - Inner Global Positioning System

Similar to the above figure is how our Inner GPS works.

1. Falling weight is “You” – Due to gravity you able to stand on earth
2. As it drops, the weight pulls gears around – Breathes In and Out like the gear movement
3. Rocking Escapement due to which clock tells accurate time – Holy Supreme is the Pivot that is always is the law of attraction to the universe. If we believe in ourselves, Universe will help us to succeed it at right time.
4. Pendulum is like our thoughts and feelings which are never constant.
Example: When we sleep, our mind is like a calm pond. As soon as we wake up, the first thought is a like a stone in calm pond. A stone in a calm pond causes a ripple effect. So, the first thought causes a ripple action and our thoughts are linked with one another.
If my first thought would be that I have a class in the evening then my day is planned accordingly ie When to prepare notes, How to manage my daily errands … etc while I am visioning the actions as per my thoughts. I might meet a few people’s expectations (good actions) and I might disappoint others expectations… (bad actions).
As mentioned in the above analogy, these daily life actions are like a pendulum. And fixed pivot inside us is Supreme Power. If that pivot is not fixed, nothing can work in life. So always focus on positive thoughts, your will uplift your life in a positive way and you also make an impact on others’ lives. Your positive energy vibrates at a frequency and it would transmit from one to another.
You must always believe that you are the master of your life and the universe will take your every command as you are the eternal energy.
I conclude this article, with a reminder that we should always keep our inside world Happy to project Happiness outside. Enjoy every moment positively!!!
Have you ever Smiled to yourself? If no, Please DO! Smile that you are alive. The rest is all Drama!
The clock that is ticking is our life. Our life is going away!
– Rekha. Chad (April 29 2019)

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