Positive Leisure Time

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What is positive leisure time?

Most of the people that I know are not familiar with that term. Well it is actually time allocated to connect with yourself….but how? Disconnecting from everything and everybody and connecting with you and your thoughts and your present has much more power than you imagine. You can try it and you will see that you actually start listening to your own thoughts and becoming aware of the types of thoughts your are having….happy thoughts lead to positive feelings and positive interaction with your outside world.

On the other hand, negative thoughts lead to negative feelings and a negative interaction with your outside world. Whatever you think will have an effect on your interaction with your family, your friends, your colleagues and anybody around you.
But how can you have that alone positive leisure time?
There are many different ways that will have a positive outcome:
Go for a walk and observe nature, hug a tree and walk with an open mind giving thanks for the fresh air, for the beautiful birds flying, for the color of the sky, for the smell of dirt and rain, for the color of the leaves, for the noise that dry leaves make when you step on them. Activate your five senses to be grateful and you will be you loaded with positivism.
Sit on a chair with water and healthy snacks and close your eyes for a few minutes, on a piece of paper start writing everything you are thinking. By doing that, you will realize if what you are thinking is something that is building you or destroying you. You will realize if you are worrying about things that didn’t happen or if you are not being kind to yourself. Being aware of those thoughts will set off an alarm that will make you realize that you need to stop those negative thoughts and change them.
Go on a mind holiday, a mind holiday is a tool that we, as kids life coaches use that help kids to relax and travel with their imagination.

Every day we are so busy that we barely make time for ourselves, but having time for you will recharge you and will help you understand your emotions better so you can have better interaction with your family.

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