Reversing Pandemic Affects on Anxiety in Children

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Now that it appears that the Pandemic is slowly diminishing, families across the world are beginning to come out of social isolation. However, as families, and particularly children and teens begin to re-enter the world and return to normalcy, we must be sure to address the possible implications to children and teen’s mental health.

Numerous studies have been conducted world-wide on the impact the Pandemic has had on children and teens’ anxiety. “Compared with other populations, the strict lockdown, school closures, attending online curriculums, conducting daily activities indoors and decreased social relations have imposed greater challenges on children and adolescents in terms of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders.” (Liu, et al., 2021)

In 2020, in a study of 1,036 quarantined children and adolescents ages 6 to 15 years in China, 18 percent exhibited anxiety. Another study of children and adolescents in India showed that nearly 70% of respondents experienced worry and 62% experienced fear compared to non-quarantined children. Yet another study of children ages 3 to 18 years in China were more inattentive, clingy, worried, and irritable throughout the Pandemic. (Saggioro de Figueiredo, et al., 2021)

Additionally, it’s been observed by many researchers that when children and adolescents are socially isolated, there’s a greater risk of depression as adults, a higher likelihood of increased “comfort food” intake, neurodevelopmental processes are impaired and long-term physiological and psychological damages can occur, including fear regulation. (Saggioro de Figueiredo, et al., 2021)

The Pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on child and adolescent anxiety. However, there is good news – there’s a way we can help children through their anxiety – with life coaching specific to their needs.

A Kids Life Coach provides children with a tangible toolkit for coping with their anxiety. Children are taught how to control their inner world, to get rid of automatic negative thoughts, and even develop a vision for what lies beyond. In addition, a kids life coach will serve as a mentor and offer support throughout a child’s life. Coachees always know they have someone in their corner, so that even after the effects of the Pandemic subside, a child always knows that their coach has their back.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kids Life Coaching, Coach Carol C will be hosting a one-hour “taster” so you can see exactly what takes place during a session, and to see if its right for your child.

Written by Carol Chapman

Brand Ambassador at Coach Carol C Kids Life Studio

Texas, USA

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