Talking with our Heart

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Written by:- Paula Brañez
All U Need is U Kids Life Studio®

Thinking with our heart instead of our head seems to be something crazy. My life coach told me once to use my heart instead of my head, to think before I talk.
I never knew what it meant until I really listened to kids (my own and the kids I coach)… They use their hearts all the time, they are not afraid to say I love you when they feel like, if they want to hug you they hug you, if they want to say something funny they just say it, if they want to tell you that they don’t like what you are wearing, they are very honest and tell you…. they use their hearts to talk, they don’t over think like we do.
I wonder when did we change? At what point did we start to overthink and use our head before we say something? I know people that feel love for somebody but they are are not willing to say it because they want the other person to say it first, or they don’t want to seem weak if their share their feelings, but why? Because they are not listening to their hearts and they are letting their heads get in the way and they are keeping their nice words, nice feelings to themselves and depriving others of feeling good just because they overthink. When we talk from our heart people receive the message with their heart, too, and the communication is easy.
When you are with a child, take off your adult hat and use your heart to listen and to talk. If you do that you will think (feel) before you say something that will hurt their feelings, because now you know that kids talk and listen with their hearts. So let’s give kids positive words, affirmations, kind gestures so they feel happy, accepted and enough. Your words as an adult (mom, dad, grandparent, teacher, aunt, uncle, therapist), can either make or break a child, so listen to your heart before you say something because kids will feel every positive or negative word you say to them and about them and if you repeat the same type of messages (positive or negative) they will start believing them.
If the message that a child receives is that he/she is always breaking things, making mistakes, not following rules, being disrespectful, they will believe that that is who they are, and their thoughts are going to make them act like that to live up to the expectations.
On the other hand, a child that receives positive affirmations, like he/she is such a good helper, he /she has a kind heart, is a positive example for others, they will believe that that is who they are and act like that to fulfil those expectations.
Me, you and everybody are part of a child’s outside world, so we play a very important role in their lives. Our actions, our words and our emotions play a huge roll in their lives because their inside world ( their thoughts, feelings and reactions) are in constant interaction with their outside world ( adult’s thoughts, feelings and reactions) so any reaction either positive or negative a child has, is just as a response to something that triggered it in their outside world.
So let’s trigger positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive reactions, let’s listen to our hearts before we say or do something, let’s use kind words to “build” kids, let’s listen to our thoughts before we react and say something hurtful and comments that will “break” them. You are a child change maker, make sure you are a positive child change maker, let’s keep that kindness, let’s keep that innocence and valuable honesty kids have, don’t be the breaking point where a child start thinking with his head and not with his heart. We can all educate kids with positive messages, with a warm smile and a kind heart and with lots of patience. Kids need makers, not breakers. Do you like power? You have the power to inspire happier and motivated kids.

Written by:-
Paula Brañez
All U Need is U Kids Life Studio®
Lavon, Texas, USA

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