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Hello! My name is Susanna Stratford.
I grew up knowing I was loved unconditionally by both parents, even though they were divorced. My grandparents, who lived next door, adored me beyond measure. My peers liked me and my teachers gave me special opportunities not offered to others. Despite all of that, I was a mess in my inside world. Sadly, no one knew it – including myself.
I was a hypochondriac with undiagnosed anxiety. I was the Queen of Self Denigration. I was a bully to one quiet girl who was weaker and sadder than me. For a brief moment it felt good to know that someone else felt sad like I did.
What happened? Just normal stuff – we moved six times, I switched schools four times, I was snubbed on occasion, I was overlooked and ignored. All the while I was unconsciously making stories up about what all of that meant. My protector, my ego, built up a shield to protect my true self on the inside.
Even if my mother had been able to magically see the turmoil in my head and heart, I don’t know if she could have done anything about it. I wish I had had a coach back then! A coach is a “third parent”, a friend, a mentor who asks the right questions and has no judgments about the answers. Had someone guided me, seen my strengths and made them clear to me, perhaps that inner voice would have quieted. A coach facilitates with tools in communication, self-regulation, self-love, possibility, and highlights the child’s greatness so they can consciously choose what beliefs and values are the foundation for their present and future.
All of the paths I have travelled have led me here to this healing place. Are you ready to walk with me?

My Special Interests:

• Sleep problems
• Overcoming anxiety
• Self regulation

My Training

  • Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
  • B.A. English
  • Yoga Kids International Facilitator
  • Yoga Ed Facilitator
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Winner IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards 2014 for “Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste”
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