Techniques for Boosting Confidence in Children

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Techniques for Boosting Confidence in Children


Attitude for Gratitude

Start with having an attitude for gratitude, it is so important, it can make such a big difference to anyone’s mental health, it makes us healthier and can even help us live longer.  You will help your child build emotional intelligence and empathy:

Get a jar, let them decorate it. Before bedtime every night, write down each thing they are grateful for on a small piece of paper and pop it inside the jar this can be their ‘Gratitude’ jar.  Have another jar for ‘Did the Right Thing’ – write down each thing they did right that day.


What Went Well

Let’s  celebrate their wins with them no matter how big or small:

  • What do they think of themselves? I’m bad goalkeeper
  • What reasons do they have to believe it’s true? I let in a goal
  • Why do they think that? I wanted to save all the goals
  • Does anyone else think they are a bad goalkeeper? No
  • Let’s celebrate the fact that you saved so many goals in that game.


Use Positive Talk

How your child thinks, and what they are feeling, shapes their reality.  So, using affirmations will help inspire and motivate them to do better and will help them overcome any self-doubt.

Have you ever thought that when you tell yourself you ‘can’t’ do something, then you really ‘can’t’ because you think you ‘can’t’ before you even try.  For example, ‘I can’t jump very far’, change that to ‘I am awesome at jumping long distances’. No doubt, you’ll be able to jump even further than you thought.


Believe to Achieve

Encourage them to believe in themselves to achieve whatever goal they want to achieve for example, getting into the school football team.

The fact that they believed in themselves meant they were able to see positive changes not only in their attitude but their behaviour too.


Take baby steps

If they set themselves small goals, they’ll be able to achieve them.  This will make them feel good about themselves, they’ll become more confident each time they achieve what they wanted. Celebrate by keeping a ‘I Did It’ book.


Give them responsibilities

Are there things that you won’t let your child do? Tare they too scared to do it because they are not allowed to?  How are they going to learn if they are not given the opportunity?  Try letting them do something that scares them each day:

  • Run a bath
  • Help sibling with homework
  • Put the washing on
  • Talk to a friend on the phone
  • Read out loud
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Hoover
  • Put groceries away

Helping your child develop responsibility will make your child feel trusted, they will feel that they can make decisions and face consequences if the tasks are not done. The great thing is you are helping them reach their full potential and gain the skills needed to organise and complete tasks. At the same time, they are taking the load off you so you get to have more quality time with them.


Be Unique

Let them be themselves, let them be unique, just like everyone else is unique in their own way.  There’s no competition, there’s no comparison there’s only one of them just like there is only one of you.


By Candy Fung
Kids Life Coach
Nurturing Minds kids Life Studio

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