Assessments aren’t just for school

At various stages of their lives, children may be faced with challenges that can trigger stress, anxiety or depression. That’s where we can help. Our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment is designed to help identify these triggers and find areas for improvement.

Whether you are thinking of enrolling your child for one of our Kids Life Coaching programmes or you are curious as to what may be influencing your child’s behaviour right now, we would always encourage parents to take the time to complete our full lifestyle assessment.

This online assessment gives you an in-depth analysis; complete with action points and action plan to help your children regain control of their happiness.

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Kids Choice quiz

Is your child feeling confident about life and able to make good choices? Spend 10 minutes with them doing this easy quiz to find out how they view themselves and the world.

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Online Lifestyle Assessment

The Kids Life Studio Lifestyle Assessment is incredibly easy to complete, but still gives you a comprehensive analysis based on your feedback. It takes as little as 20 minutes to complete (we know how busy you parents are!), and gives us an idea of where your child is encountering success or challenges in these 10 areas.

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Each question is easy peasy to answer, it’s only clicking in a box! Your answers are analysed and the results act as a blueprint for creating a brand new action plan.

Sounds great right? Then that means it’s time to take that first step towards positive, lasting change.

How about signing up for our FREE 7 Week Choice Challenge that will inspire your family to put the key ingredients in place for a happy, motivated and inspired life.

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