Collaborating with therapists

We understand the value of therapy and we don’t believe that coaching should take its place, or that the boundaries should ever become blurred.

We assess every child that we work with so that we can refer them on to the right professional if we need to.

We believe in finding the best options for every child we work with and if it means holding hands with fellow therapists then that is what we do. We hope you return the favour!

We have developed our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment as an online tool that will help you to understand your clients better at a fraction of the cost and it will also save you endless time gathering the data that you need.

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Our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment

You can use our online lifestyle assessment to find out the key contributors that are impacting on a child’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual wellbeing.

It will also send your parents feedback in graphical format with recommendations of how they can improve their child’s balance. This handy tool is for you to use, why not give it a go! We can get it setup on your website in no time. Just drop us a line!

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Interested in using our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment? Give it a try. If you like what you see, you can host this assessment on your own website for your clients. Go on give it a go!

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Ready for change?

If of course you are ready for a change and you want to leave the therapy space and trade your Psychology angel wings for a super hero Kids Life Coach cape then we would love to hear from you.

We have successfully trained Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists to become certified kids Life Studio® coaches and you can do the same.

The great news is that you are already perfectly positioned with your knowledge and we can give you the practical tools to rebrand yourself as somebody who “plays for a living”! Who could turn that job title down!

Why not contact us today for more information, or follow the link to Become a Coach below?

Do you want to join our global family of certified Kids Life Coaches? Then simply fill in our application form and take that first step today.

Want to stay the same?

If you love your current job title, then maybe you have noticed that the children you work with could benefit from some tangible take home tools.

If you want to supplement your very valuable therapy that you are doing with some fun colourful tools and techniques then you are in the right place.

We have a few great programmes that would slot nicely into your practice and that you can share with the children and parents you work with. Go and check them out at our Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy here:

Visit Our Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy 

Would you like to make use of our easy to use plug and play resources in your therapy practice? Our Zeal True Colours and Zeal challenge programmes are perfect for you! Go and see what they are all about, you won’t be sorry.

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