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Our Play Based Coaching Programmes have all been created based on the neuroscience of flourishing, but still have a healthy combination of fun adventure based activities that inspire children to achieve their fullest potential.

We believe that every child should be the leader of their own life, but unfortunately the modern world sometimes gets in the way of this.

External influences, toxic surroundings and technology all play a role in their negative behaviour. That’s why all our Kids Life Coaching Programmes have been designed to lay down the foundation for making healthy life choices.

Children are our future, and we need to equip them with the tools for a positive mindset that leaves them resilient and confident.

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Our 10 Step Process

Our 10 step Kids Life Coaching process is tried, tested and has been developed based on working experience in the field since 2003. All our certified Play Based Coaches use the process with every child they support. It’s global, it’s amazing, it’s zeal-some!

Foundation Programmes

We all know that houses need a solid foundation to stay standing strong, and the same applies when it comes to instilling positive change in children. Forget the bricks and mortar, we’ll lift them high with our Play Based Coaching foundation programme.

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Do you have some questions about what Play Based Coaching is all about? Then why not check this out!

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Building Blocks Programmes

Once children have finished their Foundation Play Based Coaching programme, they’re part of our super hero family! They can then attend our range of Building Blocks programmes. These group sessions reinforce the lessons they’ve already learnt, but with lots of constructive fun and opportunities to socialise! Like little bricks building the life of their dreams!

Maintenance Programmes

Our maintenance programmes are all about providing ongoing emotional support to children. It’s all about keeping momentum going because we believe that motivation is a lifelong process. Once your child becomes part of our family, we’ve got them covered!

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Are you worried about your child’s behaviour? Then take our online lifestyle assessment today to help them thrive.

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