We understand that at various times in their lives, children will have different levels of happiness and this is sometimes influenced by external circumstances beyond their control. Whether you are thinking of enrolling your child for one of our Kids Life Coaching programs or you are curious as to what may be influencing your child’s behavior right now, our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment is the gateway for you to look beyond the problems that lay on the surface.

At the Kids Life Studio®, our global network of certified Kids Life Coaches provide tailor-made coaching programs to suit the needs of your child. Rather than focus purely on the problem at hand, we fully assess all areas in your child’s life so that we can focus on creating positive lifestyle habits that create lasting change.

Our solutions are proactive rather than reactive and we achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a plan of action. We do this by asking parents to complete our online Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment that helps us to understand the child’s unique situation and the underlying factors that may be impacting on their potential so that we can best meet their needs.

The purpose of this Lifestyle Assessment is obtain a good overview of where a child may be encountering success or challenges relating to the following 10 Areas:

assessment - Lifestyle Assessment

When you participate in this assessment, you will need to set aside approximately 20 – 30 minutes so that you have the time to reflect and accurately provide responses to 250 statements relating to your child’s environmental influences and behaviour. You will do this by using an easy rating scale and your responses will be calculated and converted into a percentage score that acts as a blueprint for creating a measurable plan of action.

After you have completed this Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment, you will be provided with a graph that will highlight the areas that could benefit from improvement in your child’s life and you will also be guided through some options for action steps that you can take.

If you choose to enrol your child in a Kids Life Studio® Coaching program, you will be asked to do the assessment again so that we can compare results, review and track improvements.

We believe in long-term sustainable results and our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment tool is the key to ensuring your child’s success.

Regards with Zeal,

Zelna Lauwrens

The Kids Life Studio® Founder

Our Premium Assessment

robot - Lifestyle Assessment

What do I need to know?

To take the assessment twice for your child costs a one off fee of $20. We use PayPal to collect the money but don’t worry – you won’t need a PayPal account yourself!

Once you’ve paid the fee you’ll be able to start the assessment. Don’t worry about finishing it in one sitting either, you can log out when you need to and return at a later date. You progress will be saved.

In total you will take the assessment twice for each child: once pre-coaching, the second post-coaching.

Profits from this Lifestyle Assessment go to The Secret Parent foundation

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