Our Kids Life Studio® Values

These values are a key role in any coaching programme we present. They’re our beliefs, our motivation and the reason behind why we do what we do.

All of our certified Play Based Coaches proudly represent The Kids Life Studio® in their local communities, so we make doubly sure that we all share the same values when it comes to supporting children!

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We Value Relationships Over Impersonal

Children love joining us for their Play Based Coaching sessions. Whether online or in person, we give them a safe space where they feel accepted and they can learn and grow with our unconditional, unconventional, upbeat, upliftment.

We either work individually or in small groups of no more than 12 children. This way we can harness strengths, nurture confidence and build open lines of communication.

We pay a real interest in the child’s whole life and if we need to support children at a special occasion such as a football match or concert, we are happy to do so! If it is related to their goals we love seeing them succeed.

We value Comprehensive over vague

Although all of our Play Based Coaches are fully trauma informed and well trained, they choose to specialise in a particular subject area so that they can provide niche services.

They’re viewed as the expert and “go-to” person when parents are looking for specific support.

We could charge per hour like the traditional coaching or therapy, but we don’t believe that would be offering our best value and service.

Our Foundation Coaching packages are all inclusive and you won’t have to worry about any hidden extras because we disclose up front what we cover. Don’t you wish that every company did this too?

We include things like making contact with teachers and other professionals; comprehensive assessments before and after your child starts their programme, family consultations, take home toolkits, ongoing support and maintenance, parent feedback sessions.

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4 pillars 02 - Our Values

We value Quality over quantity

We believe in building a foundation for long-term sustainable success. Children attend an initial Play Based Coaching programme, and then we encourage them to visit us for ongoing building blocks and maintenance sessions.

Motivation is a life long process so we avoid quick fixes at all costs although if truth be told…the children we work with show results in as little as 2 weeks!

“Our Play Based Coaching System®️ offers a set timeline with measurable and sustainable long-term results.”

Our verified Play Based Coaches have:

  • Extensive police and background checks
  • First aid certifications
  • Professional and Public Liability Insurance
  • Ongoing professional supervision 

We want you and your children to feel safe, secure and happy whilst they’re working with our coaches. Their personal, emotional and educational development depends on a caring, loving environment where they get the best levels of attention at all times.

We value Strategy over guesswork

As pioneers in Play Based Coaching since 2003, we have worked hard to refine our processes. We are most proud of our online Proprietary Lifestyle Assessment, which tracks and measures our progress.

This takes the guesswork out of areas we need to target and goals we need to set. Our Play Based Coaching programmes include strategising and tailor making goals and outcomes to suit the needs of each individual child.

We believe in collaborating with fellow professionals such as Psychologists and Teachers to get the best out of each child we coach.

We place value in understanding a child’s background and circumstances before we start coaching them so that we can strategise for the best long-term outcome.

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We value Long-term over quick fixes

We believe that changing the world doesn’t mean that we all have to do big things (however much we’d love to be able to). Changing the world means doing small things consistently.

“Children need mentors and role models who are stable and consistent so we don’t just end our coaching relationship after only a few sessions.”

Our Play Based Coaching foundation programme extends over a few months so that we can really build a meaningful relationship. We are in it for the long haul and the children we coach remain our clients not because they have to but because they want to.

They pop in and out for maintenance programmes with the assurance that they are always supported unconditionally.

Having a certified Play Based Coach as a mentor and role model for ongoing support is a safety net that keeps children happy, motivated and inspired.

If you want to learn more about how the Kids Life Studio® came into existence, then you should definitely meet Zelna “Zeal”. She’s our founder, our director and the drive behind all of our Play Based Coaching programmes.

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