Maintaining positive change

When you’re teaching children the joys of learning and developing, it’s important that you continue to maintain the lessons that they’ve learnt so far. That’s why we believe in offering  maintenance sessions.

Even outside of the regular school year, children need to keep practicing valuable life skills that set them up to be productive, happy and motivated individuals.

The school holidays are a perfect time for your child to not only be entertained with our interactive maintenance sessions, but to also leave feeling educated, motivated and inspired.

We help them to continue developing their skills and help keep them on track to become the inspired leaders of their own lives.

Our emphasis is on fun and we use the language of childhood by “playing with a purpose” rather than just aimlessly doing activities to keep children busy!

We offer nature based holiday programmes and our adventure based workshops that incorporate skills-based activities and leadership building exercises to help your children grow.

Our interactive maintenance sessions not only leaves children with smiles on their faces and filled with zeal, but they will also leave with tangible tools for coping with whatever life throws their way during school term time!

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Does your child make good choices even when you aren’t watching? Spend 10 minutes with them doing our free Choice Challenge Quiz to find out.

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Our Play Based Coaches skillfully incorporate adventure based activities to inspire your child to maintain their enthusiasm, motivation and happiness.

All of our maintenance sessions help to provide ongoing emotional and educational support, and we recommend that your child attend after they have finished their foundation coaching programme.

We believe that positive and structured holiday programmes give children even more social opportunities, which help develop their personal growth. It’s all about making friends who share a leadership mindset and inspire each other to make the right choices!

Doesn’t a nature based adventure experience sound fantastic? Your children could soon be making new friends, learning new leadership skills and taking control of their life choices.

Enrolling your children is easy peasy! Simply check out our events calendar to find an adventure based programme near you.

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