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With our global network of Kids Life Studio® coaches helping children achieve their fullest, truest potential, there’s plenty more to the Kids Life Studio® than you might think. Keep reading to find out more.

Whether you want to get to know our founder and director Zelna or want to see how our values fit into your own life, then look no further. We always get to know the children we work with, but nows the time for you to get to know us too.

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Meet Zelna “Zeal” Lauwrens

With her Super Hero mission to support children globally, our founder Zelna is taking the world of Kids Life Coaching by storm.

She is confidently building the largest global network of World Class Kids Life Coaches by setting the benchmarks for regulating the industry.

Our family of coaches

Our certified Kids Life Coaches are located across the globe, we really are a well travelled bunch!

We all believe that learning is a gift that should never stop being given, and our team of world-class Kids Life Coaches are on a collective mission to positively influence millions of children globally, working towards supporting the UN sustainable development goals by 2030!

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Do you have the drive and energy to join our global team of Kids Life Studio® Coaches?

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Our Values

We value cake; we value flowers…we’re joking! But on a serious note, our values are at the core of every decision we make at the Kids Life Studio®.

We believe in quality over quantity, strategy over guesswork and above all, a commitment to helping children all over the world achieve their true potential.

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Our Community

All of our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches are Super Hero change makers! We’re always working hard on our global giveback projects that invest into building our local communities.

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