A Resilience Building Club for the whole family

Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing! Then when parents add their own problems to the mix and it could be a recipe for disaster! We all experience points in our lives where we face challenges, difficulties and issues. Being strong and coping isn’t something that comes naturally. It is a skill that needs to be nurtured.

Telling your child to ’Be strong, you’ll get through this’, or ‘You need to be more resilient’ is not productive. If you couple that with a toolbox of why resilience is necessary and how they can build it, your child will easily be able to achieve it.

Alongside this imagine if you had a Kids Life Studio® Coach to support you with all the hard questions and coach your child alongside you! This is what our Family Resilience Club is all about!

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Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies this 28-day Family Resilience Building programme offers a toolkit to help to strengthen a parent and child’s body, heart, mind and spirit by following an easy self development process.

This journal was designed by founder of The Kids Life Studio® and the Kids Life Coach Academy, Zelna Lauwrens with the aim of supporting parents to get into sync with their own lives so that their family life can continue to flourish. Get this online programme for FREE (valued at $59) when you enrol in our Family Resilience Club!

This easy to use tool offers 28 days of daily activities that will build up your emotional intelligence as a parent.

This programme is specifically designed to support parents in implementing the 4 Pillars for Success:





Yes, we know, you’d love to go to a spa, but this is so much better as your children will benefit too. If you are a parent who understands the value of discovering your child’s inner leader, then click below to join our unique family resilience building club.

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