Sharing our success stories

We all know that sharing is caring, but we also understand that you need to hear from real coaches about their own unique experiences as certified Kids Life Studio® coaches.

We love show casing our talent! We are proud of our highly passionate community of Kids Life Studio® coaches who are driven with huge aspirations to change the world, one child at a time.

Which is why we want to share our “Kids Life Coach in the Spotlight” interviews with you. Check out our insider secrets that have helped us to perfect the art of coaching children!

Watch more on YouTube

For more videos on Kid’s Life Coaching check out our YouTube channel!

spaceship wht - Training Success Stories
desktop theatre slideshow - Training Success Stories

Or meet us face-to face

Take a look at our events calendar where you’ll find details of a Kids Life Coaching event near you. You’ll be able to meet our coaches, get to know them better, ask them questions and find out about their successes

If you want to find our more about our success stories, why not connect with an already certified Kids Life Studio® Coach near you?

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