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Our global network of Play Based Coaches have simplified neuroscience and psychology for kids! With our fun, interactive resilience building programmes, we offer  tools and tips for handling the ups and downs of life so that they can make good choices and live the life of their dreams!

Life is about a series of choices we make. Every choice we make has the ability to have a positive or negative impact.

All of these choices are made based on five needs:

  • Survival
  • Belonging
  • Power
  • Freedom
  • Fun
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The fact is that worldwide, good kids are making bad choices because of influences on their outside world that they don’t always have control over.

Our unique Play Based Coaching model supports children to make a habit of good choices that impact positively on themselves and those around them, so that they can be happier, more motivated and inspired.

Doesn’t that sound great? We definitely think it does! Go and check out what we value most when working with children.

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What makes us unique?

Well, it’s not just about our proven methods that get proven results! There’s plenty more too. For a start, we have been pioneering the Kids Life Coaching space since 2003. Our network of Play Based Coaches are globally recognised for our unique child friendly approach based on leading research on how children think, learn, act and behave.

Sounds complicated right? It’s not really, it means that we let children explore their own super hero strengths in a safe space using an evidence informed approach based on what REALLY works. 

Children love our secret recipe for living their best life that is easy for them to understand and use. The best part…they see results and quickly!

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We have a neurodiversity inclusive, trauma-informed approach to wellness that coaches children to become the leaders of their own life. Download our free Special Report to find out more.

Why do children love our approach?

No worksheets

We offer fun interactive play based coaching sessions

No extra homework

We offer adventure based home activities

No coaching that is talk based and adult centred

We have packaged the “success mindset” so that children understand

No blame, stigma or judgement

We leave all past problems at the door

No focusing on the problem

We create the steps for building a dream future

No negative labeling

We find and focus on strengths and build these even further

No telling kids what to do

We empower children to be part of their own self-development process

No reactive interventions

We specialise in children below the age of 12 before things have gone drastically wrong

No large groups

We work in highly stimulating child friendly venues focused on individual or small group coaching

No unsolicited parenting advice

We coach the child to coach the parent so that their needs can be realistically met

No complex language

We use play which is the language of childhood

No working in isolation

We are the glue that sticks everybody together. We collaborate with parents, therapists and teachers

No quick fixes

We build a solid foundation for lasting change and then provide the building blocks for moving forward

No one size fits all

We assess every child’s individual needs so that we can give them a tailor-made plan of action

No hit or miss

We focus on working towards measurable and targeted outcomes that show lasting change

Our Play Based Coaching gives children key life tools.

We love building long-term relationships with children, regardless of whether they have coaching on their own or are in a small group.

What could be better than giving your child the independence and power to take control of their life choices?

Don’t worry; the first step is easy. All it takes is a simple lifestyle assessment and your journey begins.

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