Positive change starts with a solid foundation

As a parent, you want your child to become the leader of their own life, and approach life understanding their true value and worth. Our foundation coaching programme has been designed to help them achieve their full potential and understand their unique place in the world.

It doesn’t matter how much support you give your children, you can’t guarantee them success in life. We understand that you probably want to wrap them up in cotton wool to protect them from our fast paced modern world and things that might be out of your control.

But the best gift you can give them is the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life with confidence.

Learning requires stumbling, correcting, and growing. So whatever your child may be facing right now, how you help them deal with it will determine the impact it has on their future.

This all starts with the beliefs your child has about their intelligence, effort, and struggle.

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It’s not what you do for your children but what they are taught to do for themselves that will make them successful in life.

Taking your child on their journey through the ups and downs of life is about giving them a toolkit to make choices that will leave them feeling in control of the outcome. We understand that this isn’t always easy so that’s where we come in.

Our global network of Kids Life Studio® coaches are on hand to give your child a practical toolkit that will help them develop a “Leadership Mindset” that gives them a lifetime of success.

All children should have the chance to become the leaders of their own lives, and with our programme they’ll soon be able to reach their truest, fullest potential no matter what they may be facing.

What we offer and do

  • Fun interactive play based coaching sessions
  • Work in highly stimulating child friendly venues
  • Focussed on individual or small group coaching
  • Adventure based home activities
  • Packaged the “success mindset” so that children understand
  • Leave all past problems at the door
  • Create the steps for building a dream future
  • Find and focus on strengths and build these even further
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  • Empower children to be part of their own self-development process
  • Specialise in children below the age of 12 before things have gone drastically wrong
  • Coach the child to coach the parent so that their needs can be realistically met
  • We collaborate with parents, therapists and teachers
  • Build a solid foundation for lasting change and then provide the building blocks for moving forward
  • Assess every child’s individual needs
  • Provide a tailor-made plan of action
  • Focus on working towards measurable and targeted outcomes that show lasting change.

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Our Foundation Coaching Programme is aimed at children below the age of 12 because research has shown that this is the age where you can lay the foundation for good lifestyle choices that will lead to a lifetime of success.

We also understand that play is the language of childhood and so our programme taps into this natural learning ability through our fun interactive coaching sessions that lay the foundation for positive change that lasts.

We value your child’s uniqueness and so we understand that a generic programme with generic outcomes won’t lay a solid foundation for sustainable change.

This is why we tailor make our coaching programme by asking you to complete our Kid Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment. This is the first rung of your child’s ladder of success and it gives us measurable outcomes to work towards.

Interested in enrolling your child in a foundation coaching programme with one of our certified Kids Life Coaches? Then visit our Coach directory page.

What will your child gain?

The personal outcomes your child will achieve through participating in their tailor-made Zeal for Life® Coaching programme is dependent on their needs identified.

The results you can expect when your child uses our “Leadership Mindset” recipe include:

  • Implementing daily routines to build resilience
  • Ability to handle stress and reduce anxiety 
  • Easier social interaction and communication
  • Improved Academic results 
  • Standing up to negative peer pressure
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Strategies for overcoming challenges
  • Improved emotional regulation and self control
  • Reduction in negative self defeating behaviours 
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  • Relationships improve amongst siblings
  • Better co-operation and ability to follow instructions
  • More Confidence and feeling self assured
  • Empathy and compassion towards others
  • Taking responsibility for their actions
  • Being calmer and more focused
  • Increased Motivation and Happiness
  • Co-operation improves resulting in less arguing

Are you still unsure about if your child needs our Kids Life coaching programme? Or are you worried about taking that first step?

We are here to help! Mail us at coaching@kidslifestudio.com

Why don’t you read our special report on coaching kids and we’ll show you why even kids without “problems” need coaching.

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