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As the trail blazer in the field, The Kids Life Studio® is the global leader in quality Kids Life Coaching that gets measurable results. We take great pride in having the most comprehensive, personalized and inclusive Kids Life Coach training and certification program in the world.

With our top value being relationships, we handpick our affiliate coaches to work alongside us as mental health advocates for children. Before we invite anybody to participate in our Kids Life Coach Certification training, we make doubly sure we all share the same values when it comes to supporting children!

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For this reason, we ask that you fill in the Statement of Interest form below and book a time to speak to one of our Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultants. Once you have completed your form, you will receive an information document explaining the finer details of this opportunity. We ask that you read through this document carefully to prepare yourself for your strategy call.


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Thank you for your interest and time in choosing to submit the form below. Once completed you will be able to download our information document and you will be redirected to a booking page to choose a time and date for a 30 minute strategy session with one of our Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultants.

    Section A: Personal Details

    Please choose which area you are interested in:

    Section B: Experience

    What is your highest qualification?

    What experience do you have with children?

    What experience do you have that relates to coaching/counselling/mentoring/therapy/training/teaching?

    What is your general work experience up until now?

    What do you currently do for a living? Please provide website link if available.

    Are you involved in any community work?

    Section C: Motivation

    How would you describe a Kids Life Coach?

    What are your skills that make you good at relating to children?

    Which age group do you feel more comfortable with and why?

    Select an age group and explain why in the text box. You can select more than one age group

    In your opinion, what do you think the main reason is for children’s problems?

    Section D: Future Planning

    Are you interested in Kids Life Coaching as a full time or part-time career?

    What is your reason for wanting to become a certified Kids Life Coach?

    What is your biggest obstacle right now to coaching children?"

    Right now I

    On completion of this Statement of Interest, you will be invited to setup a time for a Strategy Call with a Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultant. Please commit to your appointment by typing this sentence in the block below:
    “Yes, I promise I will be available for my personal Zoom Strategy Session at the allocated time that I choose. I will be in a private, quiet space with headphones and camera turned on.”

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    Do you understand that this expression of interest is the first step in the application process and does not guarantee that you will be accepted into our training programme?

    Do you agree to prepare yourself for speaking to your Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultant by going through the information document sent to you before your appointment?

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