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Dear Children’s change maker

Anybody who chooses to work with children and families to support them in flourishing, is a super hero in our books! In our experience, there are two ways of preparing yourself to do this. Either you can do a low intensity low impact express training or you can engage in rigorous ongoing learning that has measurable impact and sustainable outcomes.

We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed at trying to navigate yourself around the relatively unexplored field of Kids Life Coaching and trying to verify the “who’s who..” but we are proud to say that we have pioneered this space since 2003. With the most comprehensive Kids Life Coach training on offer, we encourage you to do your homework and verify our credentials, track record and approach.

To do this, you can speak to our founder Zelna herself! Having setup her first full time Kids Life Studio® in 2005, she understands the frustration and isolation of working without a community for support.  Through trial and error, extensive research, and pure persistence, you have the opportunity to fast track your learnings so that you don’t have to have the same sleepless nights she did, trying to figure things out on your own!

The good news is that we have packaged decades of experience, knowledge and research in neuroscience and psychology so that you can fast track the launch of your own Kids Life Coaching practice without having to guess your way around.

Our Kids Life Studio® Diploma trainings have been designed to be completed online in the comfort of your own home. With no set start dates, you are free to join anytime with immediate access to optional twice weekly live group mentorship sessions over a set time frame. The best part is that because our highest value is relationships, you will never feel alone in building your kids life coaching practice.

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If you are ready to get started, you can head over to our Kids Life Studio® Coach Academy and enrol in your Level 1 Introduction to Kids Life Coaching before you enrol in your Level 2 Theory of Kids Life Coaching. You will need to complete a portfolio of evidence and after you get your certificate, you will have the option to take your training further and earn your Level 3 Diploma in Kids Life Coaching. After this, you can complete your Level 4 Advanced Kids Life Coach Diploma and then go on to be selected as a Level 5 Master Kids Life Coach. 

Joining our global coach network requires an application and screening process and as part of this, you are asked to submit your expression of interest form below. Once you have completed your form, you will be invited to choose a time and date for a 15-minute conversation with our founder Zelna.

Needing some certified Kids Life Studio® coach testimonials before you decide? Click here. If you want to know more about how our unique Play Based Coaching System® works, head over to our Frequently asked Questions page! Anything else, please mail our certifications team and they will be on hand to support your decision to enrol!


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Statement of Interest
Thank you for your interest in submitting an application to enrol in our Diploma in life coaching for children. Once you complete the form below, you will be given further information on how to book your 15-minute appointment with founder Zelna.

    Section A: Personal Details

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    Section B: Experience

    What is your highest qualification?

    What experience do you have with children?

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    What is your general work experience up until now?

    What do you currently do for a living? Please provide website link if available.

    Are you involved in any community work?

    Section C: Motivation

    How would you describe a Kids Life Coach?

    What are your skills that make you good at relating to children?

    Which age group do you feel more comfortable with and why?

    Select an age group and explain why in the text box. You can select more than one age group

    In your opinion, what do you think the main reason is for children’s problems?

    Section D: Future Planning

    Are you interested in Kids Life Coaching as a full time or part-time career?

    What is your reason for wanting to become a certified Kids Life Coach?

    What is your biggest obstacle right now to coaching children?"

    Right now I

    On completion of this Statement of Interest, you will be invited to setup a time for a Strategy Call with a Kids Life Studio® Certifications Consultant. Please commit to your appointment by typing this sentence in the block below:
    “Yes, I promise I will be available for my personal Zoom Strategy Session at the allocated time that I choose. I will be in a private, quiet space with headphones and camera turned on.”

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