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All of our certified Play Based Coaches are Super Hero change makers! We’re always working hard on our global “Choice Challenge” projects that invest into building our local communities.

Your Values + Strengths + Passions + Service = Your Purpose

The fact is that worldwide, good kids are making bad choices because of influences on their outside world. Our community awareness initiatives raise the profile of the importance of young people making responsible choices even when nobody is watching based on ‘Rebranding Childhood® and having a sense of purpose, just like being a Super Hero!

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Your family can become Super Hero Change Makers! Why not enrol in a free taster session that is guaranteed to make a difference!

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Kids Life Studio® in the community

We support theSecret Parent Foundationas our community “give-back” project. This is based on:

  • Educating parents on the wide range of toxic influences impacting on their children’s well-being.
  • Raising awareness of the impact and prevalence of stress related disorders in children that result in self harm, depression, mental illness and suicide
  • Providing access to tools that contribute to supporting children’s mental, emotional, social, intellectual and physical well-being.
  • Taking action that is preventative rather than reactive by building a support foundation for children to become the leaders of their own lives.
  • Inspiring children, their parents and families as a whole to be devoted to being of service to fellow man and making choices that result in uplifting others.

By creating an awareness of the power of making choices that are based on positive outcomes, we are working towards empowering children to become the leader of their own life by being an example to others to do the same.

We support The Secret Parent Foundation to actively plant the seeds of hope, altruism, empathy, kindness, friendship and peace in local communities through adventure based activities and experiences that build family resilience.

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