The Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy are committed to providing and promoting continuing training and support in the safeguarding of our clients. Our code of ethics sets guidelines and expectations with regards to code of conduct, standards of coaching, liability and responsibility for all of our certified Kids Life Studio® coaches.

We are committed to safeguarding the well-being of all the children and young people (clients) with whom our Kids Life Studio® Coaches come into contact, by adhering to the principles and elements of good practice. We acknowledge our duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people and are committed to ensuring this safeguarding practice complies with, and reflects, statutory responsibilities, government guidance and best practice principles.

We believe that:

  • Children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind.
  • We have a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practice in a way that protects them.

We recognise that:

  • The welfare of children is paramount in all the work we do and in all the decisions we take,
  • All children, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation have an equal right to protection from all types of harm or abuse,
  • Some children are additionally vulnerable because of the impact of previous experiences, their level of dependency, communication needs or other issues
  • Working in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting young people’s welfare.

Coaching in individual or group programmes

  • Coaches will professionally and reliably represent themselves as Kids Life Studio® Coaches.
  • Coaching is confidential and will not be shared with any third party without prior consent. This is applicable both whilst the client is undergoing coaching and after coaching contract has expired and sessions have been terminated.
  • Coaches will enforce and adhere to set boundaries with clients with regards to age, gender and culturally appropriate exchanges.
  • Client records, both electronic and hard copies, are stored, and disposed of, in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security and privacy. This is applicable both whilst the client is undergoing coaching and after coaching contract has expired and sessions have been terminated.
  • If a client requires additional assistance or intervention methods, a referral will be made to an appropriately qualified professional.
  • The Kids Life Studio® is committed to ensuring that all children, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, disability, or socio-economic background, will be afforded a secure, enjoyable and engaging coaching experience in an appropriate and safe setting, and are protected from abuse whilst participating in Kids Life Studio® Coaching sessions and workshops.

Kids Life Studio® Coach Conduct and Commitment

  • Coaches conduct themselves in a professional manner, one that reflects and protects the ethos and reputation of the Kids Life Studio®.
  • Coaches are respectful and non-discriminatory in the communication with clients, potential clients and any person who makes enquiries regarding the services offered by the Kids Life Studio®.
  • Coaches implement a safeguarding culture where they, children, young people and their families (clients), treat each other with respect and are comfortable about sharing concerns.
  • Coaches adhere to the Kids Life Studio® Children’s Safeguarding Policy and Kids Life Studio® Code of Ethics.
  • Should you believe a coach has not adhered to this policy, please report your concerns to Kids Life Studio® head office.
  • Coaches are committed to the Kids Life Studio® brand and ethos and as such will promote our goal of working towards supporting the UN sustainable development goals by 2030.
  • Coaches are committed to continuous development, advancement of knowledge and furthering their education.
  • Coaches are committed to the responsible and accurate use of Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy training materials, tools and resources.
  • Coaches are committed to maintaining personal performance journals, client record keeping, client feedback and testimonials, and submitting these as part of their annual evaluation requirements.

The policy will be reviewed annually or as a result of changes in legislation and/or government guidance, as required by the Local Safeguarding Children Board or as result of any other significant change or event.

assessment - Kids Life Studio® Children Safeguarding Policy

When you participate in this assessment, you will need to set aside approximately 20 – 30 minutes so that you have the time to reflect and accurately provide responses to 250 statements relating to your child’s environmental influences and behaviour. You will do this by using an easy rating scale and your responses will be calculated and converted into a percentage score that acts as a blueprint for creating a measurable plan of action.

After you have completed this Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment, you will be provided with a graph that will highlight the areas that could benefit from improvement in your child’s life and you will also be guided through some options for action steps that you can take.

If you choose to enrol your child in a Kids Life Studio® Coaching program, you will be asked to do the assessment again so that we can compare results, review and track improvements.

We believe in long-term sustainable results and our Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment tool is the key to ensuring your child’s success.

Regards with Zeal,

Zelna Lauwrens

The Kids Life Studio Founder

Our Premium Assessment

Profits from this Lifestyle Assessment go to The Secret Parent foundation

robot - Kids Life Studio® Children Safeguarding Policy

What do I need to know?

To take the assessment twice for your child costs a one off fee of $20. We use PayPal to collect the money but don’t worry – you won’t need a PayPal account yourself!

Once you’ve paid the fee you’ll be able to start the assessment. Don’t worry about finishing it in one sitting either, you can log out when you need to and return at a later date. You progress will be saved.

In total you will take the assessment twice for each child: once pre-coaching, the second post-coaching.

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