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Happy day, beautiful people. My name is Jake, and my passion is empowering children to to lead their own authentic, happy and inspired lives. I use a heart-centred, play-based and personalized model with a mission to teach children how to live Inside Out so that they can lead lives full of energy and enthusiasm.

My vision is to support a generation of children that are well-balanced in mind, body and spirit so that they can commit themselves to a life of service. My approach is upbeat, uplifting, unconditional and unconventional. First, I teach children how their minds and bodies work, then I provide them with tools to support them on their journey and reinforce their resilience.

I offer 1 on 1, personalized coaching. I work with children of all abilities between the ages of 8 and 16. Please feel free to ask me about my 5 tools & 7 ingredients approaches. (They will blow your mind!)

About Me:
I love life, and I love empowering kids! For more than a decade, I have been teaching children as a water safety instructor. I have extensive training as a breathwork facilitator. I teach a Social-Emotional Learning class in my local community, supporting children ages 8 to 16.

“We loved and are so grateful for G’s 1:1 coaching with Jake. Jake shows up with such excitement for each session, which is contagious! The content and topics that were covered in her sessions were amazing and G embraced these learnings, the practices and the projects that came out of each of them.
We are also so grateful for the learnings and activities that have been shared with our whole family and are things we can continue to do and work on together” – Mother of 10 year old Coachee
SI, SE HABLA Espanol 🙂

Please contact via WhatsApp or Telegram on the number provided.

Book me:

To work with your child, I request that you complete an online Kids Life Studio®️ Lifestyle Assessment to help me understand your child’s unique situation so that I can recommend a tailor made plan of action. When you click on the lifestyle assessment, please choose my name in the dropdown menu of listed coaches so that I receive your child’s results and I can contact you to setup an initial family consultation.

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My Special Interests:

• Emotional and nervous system regulation
• Authentic self-expression
• Compassionate communication
• Heart-centered mindfulness

My Training:

• Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
• Bachelors Degree UCSB 2015
• Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid @ Red Cross 2022

Lifestyle Assessment:

Complete our online Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment to help us understand your child’s unique situation and the underlying factors that may be impacting on their potential so that we can best meet their needs. We achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a plan of action.

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