Sarah StrouthopoulosCertified Play Based Coach - Confident Kids Coaching International


As a Level 2 Certified Kids Life Studio Coach, Sarah has undergone our intensive training and we have assessed her as a competent, confident and compassionate play based coach. She has however chosen to work independently and not verify her legalities or ongoing competence through professional supervision with us.

Legalities differ from country to country, and we recommend that you request access to the relevant legalities, for example first aid qualification and child protection policy, to ensure your child is safeguarded.

Sarah currently works independently in her local community in Colorado, USA and on completion of her training, she signed and agreed to our code of ethics to verify her commitment to upholding high standards when supporting your child.

For Sarah to work with your child, we highly recommend that you complete an online Kids Life Studio Lifestyle Assessment to help her understand your child’s unique situation so that she can recommend a tailor made plan of action.

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