What is the difference between therapy and coaching?


Adult life coaching is not suitable for children since it doesn’t accommodate their unique development needs. However our play based coaching is geared to your child’s need for interactive engagement. It is goal orientated and we focus towards planning for a healthy lifestyle and making good choices that lead to good achievements in future. Although our coaching is trauma-informed, sometimes your child may need therapy which looks at their complex needs through a clinical lens and allows them to process what may have happened to them mostly through talk therapy rather than play. In some cases, a play therapist may be needed for younger children who are unable to find the right words to express their needs. We highly recommend trying our Play Based Coaching System® first since we offer goal-directed trauma informed outcomes that focus on current day challenges that may have arisen because of past experiences. Coaching in no way replaces therapy and we always recommend consulting a medical professional should you feel the need.

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