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Hi, I’m Julienne. I adore working with children!

How do I Coach Kids?
I believe all children can rise above the challenges they face in childhood when equipped with the
right tools and skill set. As a Kids Life Coach, my focus is to help children learn self-leadership and self management. I teach younger ones about effective communication, how to get a handle on big emotions, positive mind-set strategies, and how to build self-confidence. I coach pre-teens and teens on self-empowering tools for goal setting, time-management, stress-management, resilience strategies, self-advocation skills and how to set themselves on a track for their personal success.

I work collaboratively and I am happy to communicate with teachers, therapists, and any other related professionals if needed to form a cohesive team to support the child. I’m motivated to find whatever it takes to help the child get on track for reaching their full potential to live a happy, meaningful and positive life. These self-empowering tools help them to make healthy life choices, set goals and overcome obstacles, seeing them rather as challenges that they can find a solution for.
At the heart of what I do as a Kids Life Coach is the simple idea of teaching children useful tools
for combatting negativity, overcoming adversity and alleviating stress when it arises. I help them improve themselves, keep them accountable, and cheer them on all at the same time! Can you show me a kid who doesn’t need that? I lost track of the times I thought… “I wish I’d had a Kids Life Coach when I was growing up!”

How does a Kids Life Coach Differ from a Parent?
A Coach is a trusted adult who cares about the child and can offer a new perspective to the child, different from the lens that has been established in the family dynamic. I hold a safe space for the child to think out loud or discuss a decision or idea without feeling self-conscious or worried about being judged. It’s critical today and for the future, that children learn how to manage themselves and learn the important life skills of how to build their self-confidence, good communication with peers, family, and adults, self-reliance and stress management.

Picture This:
Imagine a child having the mind-set to see a hardship as a challenge with a potential solution and the willingness to go for it. Now that’s a tool for life!

Book me:

To work with your child, I request that you complete an online Kids Life Studio®️ Lifestyle Assessment to help me understand your child’s unique situation so that I can recommend a tailor made plan of action. When you click on the lifestyle assessment, please choose my name in the dropdown menu of listed coaches so that I receive your child’s results and I can contact you to setup an initial family consultation.

My Special Interests and Niche areas:

• Self-Leadership skills, self-advocation and flexible thinking
• Confidence building
• Communication

My Training:

• Certification in Kids Life Coaching from Kids Life Studio® 2021
• Certified in Adult, Child, and Baby First Aid/ CPR/AED 2021
• Active Youth Leader for Great Neck Cub Scouts since 2016
• Certification in TESL from the Boston Language Institute 2009
• BA in Psychology from Loyola University 1994
• Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and minimal Japanese

Lifestyle Assessment:

Complete our online Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment to help us understand your child’s unique situation and the underlying factors that may be impacting on their potential so that we can best meet their needs. We achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a plan of action.

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