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Hello! My name is Petina and I am the founder of U Choose Kids Life Studio.

Like so many others working in this field, my kid’s life coaching journey really began in my own childhood. Coming from mixed-race heritage and divorced parents, there were a number of challenges that I had to face, navigate and adapt to. Grappling to find my place in the world, I was often confronted by the reoccurring theme of how best to ‘fit-in’! Time, education, and perspective have taught me that if, at an earlier age, I’d had the opportunity to learn the life skills we now teach as part of the comprehensive kids’ life coaching programme, I would have made better choices; chosen paths in life that were more authentically me; engaged in life with a greater sense of purpose and meaning; and nurtured a genuine sense of belonging.

I have always had a fascination for what motives us as human beings – why do we make the choices we make? I obtained my master’s degree in psychotherapy from Regent’s College, London, where my training was from a philosophical, existential perspective. This interest and enquiry surrounding our ‘raison d’etre’ (reason to be) continues to evoke questions and motivate my personal development, particularly during my precious time as a mother of three, now young adult, women.

For me the essence of kid’s life coaching is to educate, motivate and inspire children to believe in their innate talents and gifts and become the person they have both the desire and potential to be. It is about shinning a light on those strengths and talents and amplifying them; it is also about illuminating a path, a path of choices, that engender positivity, optimism, hope, meaning and purpose. Kid’s life coaching teaches children to recognise, understand, label, express and regulate their emotions so that they develop the life skills to conquer the daily challenges that they will inevitably face.

I welcome with an open heart, the opportunity and great privilege, to be a guiding light in your child’s life; to support and mentor them through the ups and downs; to educate them through play; and motivate and inspire them through unconditional love.

Book me:

To work with your child, I request that you complete an online Kids Life Studio®️ Lifestyle Assessment to help me understand your child’s unique situation so that I can recommend a tailor made plan of action. When you click on the lifestyle assessment, please choose my name in the dropdown menu of listed coaches so that I receive your child’s results and I can contact you to setup an initial family consultation.

My Special Interests:

• Choice & Responsibility
• Bullying & Bravery
• Confidence & Self-Belief
• Emotional Regulation & Resilience

My Training

• Certified Kids Life Studio Coach
• Master of Arts in Psychotherapy
• Certificate in Stress Management
• Certificate in Rational Emotive Therapy
• Primary Ethics volunteer teacher

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