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Hi all! I’m Therese Ndjeh, from Mbabane, Eswatini.

A mother of four, a wife and teacher for two decades, I have taught in France, Cameroon, South Africa and Eswatini. Growing up, I was a shy and reserved teen with very low self-confidence, which left me stealing and lying to get out of trouble and please my peers. At age 16, I became an adolescent mum, despite being raised up in a values-driven home with high moral principles.
As an adult and a teacher, I realised that no parent is handed a script therefore, even with the best intentions for their child to succeed, children still do make poor choices.
I also noticed that the academic nature of our present school system, lack of resources and classroom numbers make teachers place focus more on the ‘good kids’ and completing their syllabi to the detriment of the individual child.
Thirdly, I observed that every teacher, parent, pastor, and adult can offer advice to children; however, I chose to become part of the Kids Life Studio, because I noticed that with a structured, consistent solution-oriented approach backed by neuroscience, any child, irrespective of race, gender or creed can realise their potential.
When I discovered the Kids Life Studio and met the founder Zelna Lauwrens, I felt a connection and knew this was the answer to the WHY behind the way kids behave and that through coaching; we can prevent mental health problems before they become problems.
With the shifts in parenting, divorce and technology, our children need support from all angles. As a teacher, I noticed that most parents wait for trauma, poor grades, a school invitation expressing a concern before looking for help. My question is, why wait?
My coaching studio is called seed2SEEDS. I see each child’s mind as a garden with its unique seed. A seed that may look healthy on the outside might be sad, confused, and even “dead” inside. This may lead to bullying, joining gangs, underage sex and disconnection. Before planting, we get rid of the weeds to remove the old plants. We pull out the rocks and stones that sit on top of the soil, likened to emotional blocks the child may have. Then, we tenderise and disrupt the soil, breaking it down to make room for the new garden. Sowing seeds of happiness improves self-esteem, confidence and success. Gratitude and goal-setting become a lifestyle.
Every seed, like every child, is unique. Deep down, my dream is to be that person who contributes to making your child find their voice, realise their purpose, and live their life with zeal!

My Special Interests and Niche areas:

Behaviour and confidence coaching which includes:-

  • Connection
  • Problems related to stealing and lying
  • Preventing underage sex
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Educational support

• Feelings of hopelessness

My Training:

  • Certified Kids Life Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness educator
  • Certified CrossRoads educator
  • Certified Rainbows For All Children facilitator, specialising in guiding children through grief and loss
  • Qualified conflict resolutions specialist
  • Master in Education Management majoring in Counselling and Intervention Strategies
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