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There is an African proverb that says: “It takes a global village to raise a child.”

This sums up the work that I love to do perfectly. When I started my journey as a Kids Life Coach in 2003, I was working in isolation, and now I lead a global network of Play Based Coaches in almost 45 countries as founder of Kids Life Studio® and The Kids Life Coach Academy®.

Even though I am an experienced teacher, counsellor and psychologist, my true value sits in the diverse range of children I have worked with, ranging from street children to the children of foreign diplomats!

At The Kids Life Studio®, we have a saying:

“Our success is dependent on the success of the children we coach.”

Having positioned myself as the go-to expert for high achieving parents, who have excelled in their own lives and understand the value of coaching, my family of clients are diverse and pretty inspiring! These include the children of (but are not limited to) politicians, actors, authors, entrepreneurs and company CEO’s.

Despite these exciting families I am fortunate to work with, as the co-founder of The Secret Parent Foundation I am also very invested into supporting families to thrive through play.

Although I now spend most of my time in professional supervision with Play Based Coaches and my practitioner certificate training courses, I still reserve some special time just for coaching children! I take on a limited number of children per annum for individual coaching, and I specialise in supporting parents who themselves are leaders in their own chosen career and value the same for their family.

In all of the work that I do, I try to live by my personal life motto:

• Be kind. Always.
• Be truthful. Always.
• Be fair. Always.
• Be yourself. Always.

I look forward to coaching your family to build their resilience and peak performance and walking the journey alongside you.

If you want to find out more about me, please click here to visit my founder profile.

Sending so much love and zeal your way!



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My Special Interests:

• Family resilience
• Mindset
• Leadership
• Peak performance
• Motivation

My Training:

• Bachelor of Education Degree
• Honours Degree in Psychology of Education
• Master’s Degree in Clinical Child Psychology
• Current DPhil Psychiatry Student at Oxford University
• Honorary Fellow of the Global Policy Institute at Queen Mary University London
• Honorary Fellowship (FHEA) for Teaching Excellence in Higher Education
• Voting member of the World Federation of Mental Health
• Member of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP)

Lifestyle Assessment:

Complete our online Kids Life Studio® Lifestyle Assessment to help us understand your child’s unique situation and the underlying factors that may be impacting on their potential so that we can best meet their needs. We achieve measurable results because we fully assess every child before we recommend a plan of action.

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